For automatic waste removal

The TrimmMaster system is available as an optional extra for Schneider Senator S-Line models 115H, 137H and 155H for all sheet sizes.

The automatic waste removal in connection with BUSCH waste conveying systems enables a significant increase in productivity, especially for intermediate cuts.

The waste drops down to be conveyed into waste containers. No troublesome waste containers hinder the operator’s working zone.


The core of the equipment is the horizontal pull-out front table made of an ironcast underframe with a 2 mm solid stainless steel surface. A shaft between table and cutting stick opens pneumatically over the entire cutting width. The waste drops down through the shaft along a metal guide into a bin or onto a waste conveying system for disposal. An automatically retractable plexiglass plate between shaft and front table prevents that cutting chips of problematic material ends on the front table. An unrestricted optical view of the cutting process is thus ensured.

The TrimmMaster equipment includes a retractable front table.
The cycle enables a retraction of the front table up to 6 mm to allow placement of a cut underlay in corresponding height directly in front of the knife - fixed by suction air. The back gauge can thus push the cut material directly on to the underlay.
A ream, for example, of small-sized lables pushed on to the underlay can be transported ergonomically and efficiently after completion of the cutting cycle, front table up and suction air off.

The new power cutting control PCC with TFT touch screen display enables a full automatic operation of the cutting program including waste removal. The TrimmMaster cycle can be optimized by adjustable parameters such as time intervals for the shaft opening, switchable blast air as well as the possibility to deselect the retractable transparent plexiglass plate between shaft and front table.

The function 'retractable front table' can also be controlled by the PCC machine control.





Senator S-Line H with TrimmMaster:
Fast waste removal through the open front table onto the waste conveyor.



The optional BUSCH waste conveyor system is connected directly to the guillotine and needs no separate power connection. The conveyor system consists of two elements: the horizontally running conveyor installed under the front table and the up-running broader conveyor available in two heights. A waste container is placed at the conveyor’s end. The up-running conveyor can be installed in three directions: right angled at the right or left side of the guillotine or straight away from the guillotine as an extension of the horizontally running conveyor under the front table.

The PCC power cutting control enables a direct control of the conveyor, selectable, inter alia, for automatic mode with adjustable shut-off delay after each cutting stroke.

Please see on this website:  Peripherals -> BUSCH Waste conveyors


Waste conveyor system HF 00/25-220 + SF 110/50 ASE on S-Line 115H guillotine


Technical Data: 115H 137H 155H
Opening width of shaft, mm 115 115 115
Recommended width of waste max., mm 20 – 60, depending on ream height
Cycle time, sec. 4 - 7
Compressed air consumption, nl/cycle 2 - 8


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