S-Line 115H  

Schneider Senator Guillotines
S-Line 115H, 137H, 155H

Fully hydraulic.
High cutting accuracy up to the last sheet

Faster, more precise, more economical – these are the attributes Schneider Senator S-Line is known for. The patented direct-hydraulic drive concept sets new standards for the performance of cutting machines.
A high level of safety is guaranteed for the knife change.

  • Fully hydraulic drive
  • Computer-control with 15“ TFT-display
  • Solid cast iron frame
  • Infrared safety barriers
  • Rust-proof cutting table with air film and stainless steel surface, with blower
  • Automated knife change at the front (AKC) into a patented knife change cassette
  • Clamp pressure adjustment via display, programmable and controlled by proportional valve
  • Program correction function, linear and percentagewise
  • Optical cut indicator
  • 2 knifes (HSS quality)
  • 5 sinus cutting sticks
  • Slot cover
  • Clamp bar cover plate
  • Tools
  • Colour: RAL 7035, light grey
  • CE & EN 1010 conform
  • Options:
    - LST side tables
    - Waste bin
    - TrimmMaster (automatic waste removal)
    - Swinging and/or tilting back gauge, program-controlled
    - Downholder at the back gauge, program-controlled
    - Retractable side gauge (ASL)
    - Lay edge control, program-controlled
    - Second clamp cover plate
    - Tungsten carbide knife
    - Isoloc vibration absorber
    - PCC Connect (CIP4 processing)
    - PCC Office (external programming station)

The machine with options represents a unique, high-performance solution.


S-Line 137H with BN side tables (standard)




Technical Data of the new PCC (Power Cutting Control)


S-Line 115 H rear table

Option: Swinging/tilting back gauge and downholder at the back gauge




Patented power plant.
Inside the compact and modern cast iron frame works the heart of the S-Line – the patented hydraulic knife drive with direct twin cylinder arrangement. The knife is drawn from the bottom for being guided through the stack instead of being guided from above. This new technology ensures stable cutting force and uniform high speed.  And with the patented precision linear guides of the knife carrier an optimum cutting accuracy is achieved.  Discrepancies in the knife’s movements are reduced to a minimum, thus extending the knife life.

The infinitely variable frequency-controlled back gauge drive achieves high speeds. The ball-screw spindle with precision linear guides operates practically wear-free, thus extending the maintenance intervals.

  S-Line 137H
with LST 750 side tables (option)
S-Line 155H
with LST 1000 side tables (option)

Rear table of S-Line 155H with standard feed depth of 1.930 mm. The image shows the rear table without cover (standard), with ASL/ retractable side gauge, raised upwards (option).

Brochure S-Line 115H, 137H & 155H

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Technical Data: 115H 137H 155H
A Cutting width, mm                                     1.150 1.370 1.550
B Feed depth, mm 1.150 1.480 1.930
C Clamp opening, mm 170 170 170
D Table height, mm 900 900 900
E Machine width, mm – without Side table 2.020 2.240 2.420
F Machine width, mm – with Side table (BN) 2.020 2.240 2.420
G Machine depth, mm 2.287 2.767 3.247
H Machine height, mm 1.620 1.620 1.620
I Front table depth, mm 680 680 680
K Side table depth, mm (BN) 472 472 472
L Side table width, mm (BN) 435 435 435
Side table width and depth, mm (LST 750) 750 750 750
Side table width and depth, mm (LST 1000) 1000 1000 1000
Power required, max. kW 8 8 8
Weight net, kg 2.750 3.350 3.650
Clamp pressure, min., daN 200 200 200
Clamp pressure, max., daN 4.500 4.500 5.000
Knife thickness, mm 12 12 12
Smallest cut, automatically, with clamp cover plate (90 mm)*, mm 100 100 100
Smallest cut, automatically, without clamp cover plate**, mm 35 35 35
Backgauge speed, mm/s 300 300 400
Static floor load, daN/m² 756 691 596
Contact area load, daN/cm² (+/- 12%) 9,2 11,2 12,2
  *optional: smallest cut 60 mm with special clamp cover plate (50 mm)
  **manually: smallest cut reducible to 25 mm (115H and 137H) or 30 mm (155H)
Subject to technical modifications, errors excepted.


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