Perfect rationalisation through fully automatic loading of joggers without manpower

Loading of joggers with ventilated reams of paper belongs to the most labor- intensive  and physically demanding operations in paper processing. A high potential of rationalisation can be achieved by using  automated loading systems.

The individual process of pick-up and ventilation of different grammages and paper qualities is very difficult to perform automatically and reliably with conventional installations.

Schneider Senator offers for this scope of application the proven robot technology used in a wide range of industries. This technology stands for excellent advantages such like highest flexibility, reliability, highest reproduction precision and low maintenance. The application is recommended for the 3B-format, 80 grams paper onward.

At the beginning of the process the robot determines automatically position, height and format of the paper stack by using an integrated  laser measuring system. The especially designed gripper separates the ream at one corner, grasps it diagonally at two points and picks it up from the pallet.  Thereafter the ream is ventilated and transported to the jogger.  Placement of the ream on the jogger table is carried out in the correct position.

The Roboload achieves a performance of  up to 45.000 sheets per hour by loading 80 grams paper in 3B-format. The coordination with an individually configured Schneider Senator cutting system ensures that the sheet number (depending on the cut program) is processed completely until restacking.




  • Automatic unloading and ventilation of printed or unprinted sheets
  • Automatic measuring of the sheet size and pile position
  • Unloading of an adjusted ream height from the pallet
  • Loading of jogger without manpower -  possible for different paper/paper board
    (from 80 grams paper onward)
  • Failsafe, precise reproduction and almost maintenance-free robotics
  • Flexible application, if necessary manual loading possible
  • Only available in combination with BUSCH joggers
  • Ideal for combination with fully-automatic loading of the guillotine’s rear table by means of the Schneider Senator sheet transport system BTS
  • Low space requirement
  • Highest safety by protecting systems and safety light barriers

Installation:                                                                                                          Roboload,  jogger,  BTS rear table loading system,


Working sequence

Unloading of the adjusted ream height from the pallet


Transport to the jogger

Placement of the ream on the jogger table
Transport of the ream to the guillotine’s rear table by means of the sheet  transport system BTS


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