Schneider Senator Restacker

The restacker ensures an exact placement of sheet material onto pallets. Reams of paper, board, plastic foil, printed or unprinted material of 200 up to 500 kg  weight (depending on the model) can be precisely aligned onto stacks up to a height of 1015 or 1650 mm (incl. pallet). A manual intervention is not necessary. The restacker increases productivity in further processing by saving on time and manpower.



The operator pushes the processed ream of material onto the restacker table, positioned to loading height. The material is lined up against the back angle stop and the lowered lateral gauge. The opposite positioning gauge is lowered and clamps the material against the lateral angle stop. Table and stops with the clamped material  move  to the stacking position above the pallet. The table is stopped and the positioning gauge pushes the ream onto the end stop (front edge of stack). The ream is now positioned directly over the stack on the stacking unit. It is placed precisely onto the stack when the table under the ream returns automatically to its initial position.

Simultaneous stacking of variable material sizes – incl.  postcard  format - is also carried out precisely and gently, as the material has to manage just a minor height difference.



  • Fully automatic operation for efficient, perfectly and gently aligned stacking
  • Optimized material flow, one man operation, significantly reduced physical strain
  • Direct processing or dispatch without production transfer
  • Ultimate precision - even for stacking small-size loads
  • Material is clamped from two sides, making movements impossible
  • Robust, largely dimensioned tower construction for reliable and continuous output
  • Vibration-free
  • High-quality, air-blown, extremely flat stainless steel table
  • Wear-free hydraulic/pneumatic drive
  • Siemens SP control - low maintenance and service-friendly
  • Precision linear guides for friction free and backlash free operation even under extreme loads
  • Adjustable table height
  • Ergonomically designed control desk

Restacker - Function

Table moved up   Table moved down for unloading Table moved down and retracted for unloading

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