Sheet Transport System BTS

The BTS pusher system has been designed for automatic loading of material to be cut from joggers or air board lifts on to the rear table of the guillotine

The transport system with buffer stations for one or optionally two reams ensures an optimal flow of material – controlled by the new PCC power cutting control. This negates the need for a separate control panel.

The table surface is made of VA stainless steel, air blown.



  • Automatic loading of the rear table with buffer station
  • Buffer stations for one or optionally two reams
  • Portal pusher system
  • Stable and torsion-free aluminium profile construction
  • Frequency-controlled gear motor
  • Encoder-controlled positioning
  • Low-noise and maintenance-free toothed belt drive
  • VA stainless steel table surface, air blown
  • Adjustable sheet transport speed depending on customer’s request
  • B & R control

The BTS equipment needs the optional  retractable side gauge (ASL) on the guillotine.


Transport of ream to the rear table of the guillotine.
Retractable side gauge (ASL) down

Loaded rear table.
ASL up

Rear table free.
ASL down


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