Schneider Senator Pressing station

for forming compact and stabilised reams for cutting by forcing out excessive air

The pressing station is primarily used for the label production requiring utmost cutting precision.
This is particularly important when processing inmould label material, as it frequently occurs that the air removal roller of the jogger is not able to force out the excessive air. This leads to uneven reams and imprecise cutting work.

The pressing station can also be used for the compression of voluminous cutting material.

The station puts up to 8 tons of pressure on to the entire surface of the ream. The air escapes and the pile is stabilised and compressed for further processing.  Pressure and pressing time are adjustable.

The machine has been designed for a format up to 750 x 1050 mm. Operation can be carried through on the left or right-hand side of the guillotine.

The cutting material is manually transferred to the pressing station via a pile hoist and jogger or automatically by means of the destacker.  After the pressing process the ream is manually pushed on to the front table of the guillotine.


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