Automatic knife lubrication system for paper cutters

Schneider Senator is well-known for customized solutions for graphic industry. Furthermore XXL paper cutters type E-Line 185 and 260 are preferably used for trimming of aluminium plates because of their extreme stability.

There is a need for oiling the knife edge to avoid damage of knife and plates. This lubrication is imperative to get an excellent cut result and to work against the enormous mechanical interaction of the knife. In practice the lubrication is mostly applied manually and therefore reduces the production efficiency.
Schneider Senator provides for customers wishes an adequate modification of a Senator E-Line 185 CT. At the push of a button an automatic knife lubrication cycle is effected and assures the necessary condition to release the next cut. So, the time-consuming manual coating by brush is omitted.

Of course there is also a solution for special light sources. The mandatory specific illuminant for printing plates can be switched on optionally (red and yellow lights).

So the XXL cutting machines from Schneider Senator are the customized solution for the production flow in printing plate converting.


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