E-Line 92 PCC
with LST 750

S-Line 115 H PCC
with LST 750

The new face of the LST side tables

Buchholz. From now on all machines of the E-Line and S-Line series will be delivered with the new LST side tables. With the elimination of the inner front table legs the operator gains the maximum legroom at the front side of the guillotine while the table stability and cutting accuracy remains the same. For that, the side tables are connected by means of a solid steel bar with the cast underframe of the front table. Moreover, the new table legs come with galvanized and more flexible feet to level the guillotine even better to the local conditions.

As usual the LST side tables facilitate significantly the handling of the cutting material. A large number of integrated air jets create an air cushion between machine table and cutting material. As a consequence the ream glides easily above the table and speeds up the workflow notably. The air supply can be switched on or off on the user friendly PCC control touch screen.

Built up with 2 mm massive stainless steel a high durability of the air tables is guaranteed. The BN side tables, included in the standard scope of supply of both the E-Line and the S-Line, can be replaced by new LST side tables if required. The square air tables LST 750 (750 x 750 mm) and LST 1000 (1000 x 1000 mm) are optionally available for both machine series. For the transfer of large format reams the larger side tables LST 1500 (1500 x 1100 mm) or LST 1700 (1700 x 1300 mm) are recommended. Furthermore, movable transfer tables with even larger measurements are available when required.

For inquiries please contact:

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Sales Manager
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